Management Engineering Alumni

Name Degree, Year Current Position Graduation Thesis
Hyun-Dong Kim Ph.D., 2016 Sogang University Essays in Corporate Finance and Sustainability
Hakkon Kim Ph.D., 2015 Chungbuk Jiaotong University Essays in Banking and International Corporate Governance
Hyunmin Kang Master, 2013 Korea Finance Corp. Competition and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from Korean Business Groups
Sungmin Bae Master, 2013 McGill University How a Financial Crisis Affects the Financing Pattern of Financially Constrained Firms in Korea?
Sunghoon Kim Master, 2012 Korea Deposit Insurance Corp. An Empirical Study on the Corporate Debt Maturity and the Investment Activity of the Financial Crisis
Kiwhan Kwon Master, 2012 Korea Investment and Securities Co. Do Actively Managed Funds Create Superior Performance? An Empirical Study on the Korean Fund Market
Eunho Choi Master, 2011 FnGuide Inc. An Empirical Study on the Determinants of Loan Repayment in Peer-to-Peer Lending
Hansang Ko Master, 2011 Woori Asset Management Co. A Study on Business Cycle of IPO Market and Returns in Asia Pacific Countries
Sulki Koo Master, 2010 Korea Asset Pricing Co. A Study on the Economic Impact and Stock Market Reactions of Mega Sports Events
Dongkeun Choi Master, 2009 Woori Asset Management Co. Bank Ownership by Non-Financial Company and Bank Performance: Evidence from 46 Countries
Jungkang Lee Master, 2009 KIS Bond Pricing Inc. An Empirical Study on the Effects of Stock Grants on Firm Value
Chaeun Seong Master, 2009 Deutsch Bank Global Expansion and Performance of Financial Institutions: Empirical Evidence from 30 OECD Countries
Jaehoon Lee Master, 2008 The University of New South Wales Interest Rate Clustering: Empirical Evidence
Hyunsung Park Master, 2007 Seoul National University Bank Consolidation and the Soundness of the Deposit Insurance Fund
Seonwoo Kang Master, 2007 Mirae Asset Securities Co. An Empirical Study on the Effect of Stock Reward and Stock Option on Firm Value
Jun Huh Master, 2007 Northwestern University The Determinants of Open-Market Stock Repurchase: to Signal or to Control?

MBA Alumni with Thesis

Name Degree, Year Current Position Graduation Thesis
Hyunho Shin MBA, 2014 KB Investment and Securities The Effect of Audit Quality on the Cost of Debt and Firm Value
Dongil Ko MBA, 2014 STX Pan Ocean Debtor-in-Possession Financing and its Impact on Emergence from Chapter 11
Chanhong Park MBA, 2013 Korea Securities Fiance Corp. An empirical study on the effects of employee share ownership on firm value: the role of management and labor union
Seunghoon Baek MBA, 2013 Korea Development Bank The determinants of persistent listing after reverse takeovers for Korean firms
Hosung Kang MBA, 2011 Korea Deposit Insurance Corp. A study on the attenuation of risk-based deposit insurance procyclicality: An empirical analysis of mutual savings banks in Korea
Jaehwa Lee MBA, 2009 The Bank of Korea An empirical study on the effects of diversification on bank performance and risk
Jihong Park MBA, 2009 Robust Holdings Inc. The effect of smart money in the Korean fund industry
Seungwon Kang MBA, 2009 Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. KOSDAQ IPO market cycles and abnormal returns
Khishi Jambai MBA, 2008 United States Agency for International Development Reverse takeover and corporate governance
Wonseok Choi MBA, 2008 Industrial Bank of Korea Debt for equity swap and firm value: the Case of industrial bank of Korea
Sangjo Lee MBA, 2008 Korea Development Bank A study on the wealth effects of bank loan announcement
Myungsang Lee MBA, 2008 LG Household and Health Care A study on the long run and short-term performance of large mergers in 8 asian countries
Mihye Kim MBA, 2008 JP Morgan The effect of cross-border mergers and acquisitions on the target firm shareholders
Kyungjun Kim MBA, 2008 Daeyang Shipping Co. Causal relationship among freight forward price, spot price, volume, and implied volatility
Junsam Huh MBA, 2007 Shinhan Bank The wealth effect of bank consolidation on the client firm shareholders: the case of Shinhan and Chohung bank
Eunhee Choi MBA, 2007 Mirae Asset Securities Co. A comparative study on valuation of interest rate option: Heath-Jarrow-Morton and LIBOR market models
Junghoon Chang MBA, 2007 Woori Investment Securities Co. The effect of hostile takeover attempts on target firm value
Bongjoo Lee MBA, 2007 National Agricultural Cooperative Federation The empirical analysis of relationship between credit ratings and the capital structure decision for Asian firms
Hyekyung Yoon MBA, 2007 Korea Investment Securities Co. Determinants of the parent company discount in Korea
Jiwoong Yang MBA, 2007 Shinhan Bank A study on the relation between parent-subsidiary structure and financing flexibility enhancement
Sookyung Ahn MBA, 2007 Korea Bond Pricing Co. A study on the models of soverign debt repayments
Shingoo Kang MBA, 2007 Korea Development Bank An empirical study of maturity effect in the Korean treasury Bond futures market
Yong Kwon MBA, 2007 Deloitte Consulting Korea Inc. A study on the long term performance of mergers among Korean firms: evidence from the role of business group