BCG Lab is specialized in Banking, Corporate Finance, Asset Management, and Green Finance.

Recent Lab Seminar Presentation Materials

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Click David A. Matsa JF, 2010 Capital structure as a strategic variable: Evidence from collective bargaining
Click Ashwini K. Agrawal and David A.Matsa JFE, 2013 Labor unemployment risk and corporate financing decisions
Click Hyunseob Kim JFE, 2020 How deos labor market size affect firm capital structure? Evidence from large plant openings
Click Jiang, Levine, and Lin RFS, 2016 Competition and Bank Opacity
Click Barber & Odean RFS, 2008 All That Glitters: The Effect of Attention and News on Buying Behavior of individual and institutional investors
Click Grinblatt et al. JFE, 2012 IQ, trading behavior, and performance
Click 2020 Lab Members 2020 2020 BCG Lab Seminar Presentations
Click Larrain et al. JFE, 2014 The Internal Capital Markets of Business Groups: Evidence from Intra-Group Loans
Click Deng et al. JFE, 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility and Stakeholder Value Maximization: Evidence from Mergers
Click Bessembinder and Zhang JFE, 2013 Firm Characteristics and Long-Run Stock Returns after Corporate Events
Click Leary and Roberts JF, 2014 Do Peer Firms Affect Corporate Financial Policy?
Click Beck and Levine JFE, 2002 Industry Growth and Capital Allocation: Does Having a Market- or Bank-Based System Matter?
Click Taylor JF, 2010 Why Are CEOs Rarely Fired? Evidence from Structural Estimation
Click Houston et al. JFE, 2011 Media Ownership, Concentration and Corruption in Bank Lending
Click Hsu et al. JFE, 2013 Financial Development and Innovation: Cross-Country Evidence
Click El Ghoul et al. JBF, 2011 Does Corporate Social Responsibility Affect the Cost of Capital?
Click Chava et al. JFE, 2013 Banking Deregulation and Innovation
Click Lim et al. JFE, 2013 Syndicated Loan Spreads and the Composition of the Syndicate
Click Houston et al. JF, 2012 Regulatory Arbitrage and International Bank Flows
Click Dahiya et al. JFE, 2003 Debtor-in-possession financing and bankruptcy resolution: Empirical evidence
Click Huang et al. RFS, 2010 Return Reversals, Idiosyncratic Risk, and Expected Returns
Click Carvalho and Pennacchi JCF, 2012 Can a Stock Exchange Improve Corporate Behavior? Evidence from Firms' Migration to Premium Listings in Brazil
Click Gande and Saunders JF, 2012 Are Banks Still Special When There is a Secondary Market for Loans?
Click Erel RFS, 2011 The Effect of Bank Mergers on Loan Prices