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Financial Engineering Research Center

Public Innovative e-Governance Research Center

Purpose of Research

  • Helping the government realizes a successful electronic Government & Green IT
  • Forming Expert Groups and Consulting for the Government
  • Developing and executing research themes of e-government & Green IT

Field of Research

  • e-Government
  • Green IT

Digital Innovation Research Center

Purpose of Research

KAIST BPM/RTE Research Center verifies and develops the strategic value and usefulness of BPM to enable corporations to strengthen their internal competency and external competitiveness. In these days of radically changing business environment, it ultimately pursues to maximize corporate adaptability; help corporations to create new business opportunities; support domestic corporations to have global leadership through researches on BPM which has not fully come up to conceptual understanding and instrumental standardization yet.

Field of Research

Research in BPMs strategic value

Center for Information & Media Management

Center for Innovation and Startup

Purpose of Research

Vision: “Becoming a Center of Excellence in Research and Management Education in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”

Building network among technology-intensive SMEs and providing service of education and consultation to the members of CIE Forum.

Promoting Korean firms’ sustainable growth and innovation by developing appropriate Innovation Management, Entrepreneurial Management, Corporate Culture.

Dealing with current management and policy issue to deliver the management solution for contributing to sustainable development and social benefits.

Field of Research

  • Project, Seminar and Forum, Workshop in Innovation Entrepreneurship field [since 2006]: Small and medium Enterprises [SMEs] Strategy, Organization, Public policy, Innovation strategy and policy, User innovation, Entrepreneurship, Venture policy
  • Database, Benchmarking Clearing House ㆍGlobal Networking and News Letter

Center for Fair Trade and Consumer Protection

Purpose of Research

KCFC is committed to researching fair trade issues of business and protection of consumers.

Field of Research

  • Strategy & Organization
  • Overseas business & Marketing
  • Restraint of case by case transaction

Center for Global Public Procurement

Center for Global Asian Management

Purpose of Research

The central mission of the Center has been to enhance the understanding of the Asian economies and their business, financial and managerial systems through programs of research, teaching, public discourse, and policy analysis. An important focus is on the East Asian economy and business in Asian and global contexts. The Center is to be the preeminent academic institution in Asian management research and will be a central knowledge repository for the related research publications and materials. The Center will collaborate with the academia and industry to become the central place in promoting the globalization of management theories and practices.

Field of Research

  • 1) Asian Innovation Study: Joint effort in standard setting and development of IT infra / Studies on Key Success Factors of M&A, and alliance among Asian firms etc.
  • 2) Globalization of Asian Businesses: Owner Management vs. Professional Management/Structure & Roles of board of directors / Decision Making process for long term strategy etc.
  • 3) Asian Leadership Style: Differences of Leadership Style & Characteristics between Asian and Western Countries etc.

KAIST-SK Impact Business Center

Center for Silicon Valley Innovation Platform

Center for Global Supply Chain Management

Purpose of Research

  • To develop research for effective global supply chain management, in order to compete and triumph over world-class leading firms in a rapidly changing and uncertain environment.
  • Field of Research

    • Operations strategy and management science
    • Supply chain strategy, value chain management
    • Sustainability, corporate social responsibility, business ethics, green management
    • New product innovation and introduction, learning organization and creativity
    • Global logistics, procurement
    • Global Energy industry, global operations risk management, forecasting
    • SCM interface with organizational theory, HRM, accounting, finance
    • Resilience engineering, organizational resilience
Contact : Kim, HyeogSoon ( hyeog@kaist.ac.kr )

Faculty & Research