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박상찬 부교수 사진
박상찬 부교수
Contact Information
Research Areas 조직이론, 일하는 방식의 혁신, 지속가능성과 사회적 가치
박상찬 교수는 경영대학/경영공학부 소속 부교수로 미국 코넬대학교에서 박사학위를 받았다. 조직이론 및 전략경영을 중심으로 새로운 지식, 혁신기술, 경영기법 및 관행이 기업조직들 사이에서 새롭게 나타나고 널리 퍼지는 현상을 연구하고 있다. 다수의 연구논문들이 Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Organization & Environment, Strategic Organization, 인사조직연구 등 국내외 전문학술지에 발표되었다.

Sangchan Park is Associate Professor of Management and Organization at KAIST College of Business. He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University. His research explores issues related to organization theory and strategic management with a focus on the legitimation of non-legitimate ideas, novel technologies, and work practices, such as the emergence and spread of renewable energy and corporate sustainability. His research has been published in Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Organization, Organization & Environment, Work and Occupations, and Korean Journal of Management, among others.



    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA.
    Ph.D. Organizational Behavior, 2008.


    Professional Appointments:
    現 Associate Professor, KAIST
    前 Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
    前 Assistant Professor, Ewha Womans University
    前 Visiting Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Administrative Service:
    現 임팩트MBA, 책임교수
    現 녹색경영정책프로그램, 책임교수
    現 사회적기업가MBA, 책임교수
    前 녹색성장경영전문대학원, 학과장

    Academic Service:
    現 Editorial Review Board, Organization & Environment
    現 상임이사, 한국인사조직학회
    現 상임이사, 한국전략경영학회
    現 편집위원, 인사조직연구
    現 편집위원, 연세경영연구
    前 편집위원, 지식경영연구


    SK, 삼성경제연구소, 우리금융경영연구소, 아산나눔재단 등
Publications & Research

주요논문 (특허등)

    2023 "Inter-unit executive redeployment in multiunit firms: Evidence from Korean Business Groups." Organization Science, forthcoming (with Sea-Jin Chang and Young-Choon Kim).

    2023 "Polyarchy and project performance in open, distributed forms of innovation." Strategic Organization, forthcoming (Junyeong Lee and Heeseok Lee).

    2022. "Shared fate and entrepreneurial collective action in the U.S. wood pellet market." Organization Science. 33: 2065-2083 (with Shon Hiatt).
    - 2016 People’s Choice Award, Alliance for Research in Corporate Sustainability
    - 2016 Best Paper Award, Academy of Management, ONE Division

    2022. "Institutional influence on innovation-oriented market creation and entrepreneurship." Korean Journal of Management, 30: 71-100.

    2022. "Ritual networks of difference and conflict: Accepting strangers into the workplace." Korean Journal of Management, 30: 135-160 (with Jonghoon Bae, Minsoo Kim, Young-Kyu Kim, and Seung-Yoon Rhee).

    2021. "Enhancing firm performance through intra-group managerial experience: Evidence from group-affiliated firms in Korea." Asia Pacific Journal of Management. 38: 435-465 (with Young-Choon Kim and Taekjin Shin).

    2020. "The effects of renewable energy financial incentive policy and democratic governance on renewable energy aid effectiveness." Energy Policy. 145: 111682 (with Suyeon Yang).

    2020. "The halo effect and social evaluation: How organizational status shapes audience perceptions on corporate environmental reputation." Organization & Environment. 33(3): 464-482 (with Daegu Yang, Hyeonjin Cha, and Seobin Pyon).

    2019. "Institutional decoupling and the limited implementation of certified environmental technologies." Journal of Environmental Management. 247: 253-262 (with Hyeonjin Cha).

    2018. "A contingent approach to energy mix policy." Energy Policy. 123: 749-758 (with Jiwon Kim).

    2017. "Institutional decoupling: Conceptual review and future research." Korean Journal of Management 25(3): 121-150 (with Dongsoo Kim and Hyeonjin Cha).

    2017. "Knowledge decoupling: An institutional approach to the gap between the creation and utilization of environmental technologies." Knowledge Management Research 18(1): 117-138 (with Hyeonjin Cha).

    2016. "Too much is as bad as too little? Sources of the intention-achievement gap in sustainable innovation." Sustainability 8(8), 712 (with Daegyu Yang).

    2015. "Questions on organizational learning." Korean Journal of Management 24(4): 33-59 (with Young-Kyu Kim and Jonghoon Bae).

    2015. "Organizing knowledge ecosystems: The influence of organizational capabilities of platform leaders on multi-firm collaborations for knowledge creation." Knowledge Management Research 16(2): 1-27 (with Dong-Il Jung and Bo Kyung Kim).

    2013. "Lords of the harvest: Third-party influence and regulatory approval of genetically modified organisms." Academy of Management Journal 56(4): 923-944 (with Shon Hiatt).

    2013. "A multidimensional model of institutional x-embeddedness." Korean Journal of Management 21(3): 297-330 (with Sangmook Yi).

    2011. "Professions, organizations and institutions: Tenure systems in colleges and universities." Work and Occupations 38(3) 340-371 (with Wesley Sine and Pamela Tolbert).

    2010. "To share or not to share? Professional norms, reference groups, and information withholding among life scientists." Organization Science 21(4) 873-891 (with Martine Haas).


    Research: Organization theory, institutional change and organizational innovation, business-government relations in emerging business sectors

    Teaching: Organizational innovation and design, competitive environmental strategy, business and sustainability

Capstone Project Study()

    Field Study in Impact Vetures()

      Entrepreneurship Lab()

        Organization Design and Strategy Implementation()

          Organization Design and Innovation()

            Green Business: Theory and Practice()


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