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백용욱 부교수 사진
백용욱 부교수
Contact Information
  • Office.S482
  • Tel.02-958-3588
  • E-mail.ywpaik@kaist.ac.kr
Research Areas Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business and Public Policy, Venture Capital, Strategic Management
Professor Paik is a tenured professor at the KAIST College of Business, located in Seoul, Korea. His research focuses on entrepreneurship, innovation, and strategy and how they are interrelated with institutions and public policies. He serves as a member of the editorial review board or as a referee for numerous top-tier academic journals in strategy, entrepreneurship, and economics. His research has been published in premier academic journals such as the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, and the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, among others. Professor Paik joined KAIST in 2018. Prior to joining KAIST, he was an assistant professor at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California (USC) and the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis (WashU). He earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. Prior to earning his Ph.D., he worked as a patent attorney in one of the largest law firms in South Korea, Kim & Chang, serving multinational corporations as well as small and medium-sized entrepreneurial companies.


    ㆍPh.D. University of California at Berkeley, Economics, Berkeley, CA, 2009
    ㆍM.S. University of California at Berkeley, Economics, Berkeley, CA, 2008
    ㆍB.S. Seoul National University, Electrical Engineering, Seoul, Korea, 2001


    I. Professional Appointments
    KAIST College of Business, Seoul, Korea, Associate Professor (with tenure)
    Director, Open Enrollment Executive Education Program, KAIST Digital Finance Mastership Program: Digital Transformation Track
    Director, Customized Executive Education Programs
    Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, Editorial Review Board
    Washington University in St. Louis (WashU), Olin Business School, St. Louis, MO, Visiting Assistant Professor
    University of Southern California (USC), Marshall School of Business, Los Angeles, CA, Assistant Professor
    University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, Research Associate, Research Assistant, Graduate Student Instructor
    Kim & Chang Law Firm, Seoul, Korea, Patent Attorney

    II. Honors & Awards:
    KAIST 50th Anniversary, University Teaching Excellence Award
    KAIST College of Business, Award for Excellence in Education
    KAIST College of Business, Impact Research Award
    Steven B. Sample Teaching and Mentoring Award, Finalist, University of Southern California
    Greif Center for Entrepreneurship Research Award, University of Southern California
    Distinguished Reviewer Award, Academy of Management
    Kauffman Dissertation Fellowship Award, Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation
    Marquis Who's Who (included since 2017)

    III. Professional Affiliations:
    Academy of Management, American Economic Association, Strategic Management Society, Industry Studies Association (Founding Member)


    LG Display, KT, Samsung, Hyundai MOBIS, S&S Tech, CJ Group, Korea Growth Investment Corp.(한국성장금융; K-Growth), and various startup ventures. Co-Founder and Principal Advisor of TBW Investment Inc.
Publications & Research

주요논문 (특허등)

    (Selected Publications)

    Paik, Yongwook and Christos A. Makridis. 2022. "The social value of a ridesharing platform: a hedonic pricing approach." Empirical Economics. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00181-022-02310-9.

    Paik, Yongwook, Sukhun Kang, and Robert Seamans. 2019. "Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Political Competition: How the Public Sector Helps the Sharing Economy Create Value." Strategic Management Journal. 40(4): 503-532.

    Paik, Yongwook and Heejin Woo. 2017. "The Effects of Corporate Venture Capital, Founder Incumbency, and Their Interaction on Entrepreneurial Firm’s R&D Investment Strategy." Organization Science, Issue 4, 670-689.

    Paik, Yongwook and Feng Zhu. 2016. "The Impact of Patent Wars on Firm Strategy: Evidence from the Global Smartphone Industry." Organization Science, 27(6): 1397-1416.

    Paik, Yongwook. 2014. "Serial Entrepreneurs and Venture Performance: Evidence from U.S. Venture-Capital-Financed Semiconductor Firms." Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 8(3): 254-268.

    Paik, Yongwook and Heejin Woo. 2014. "Economic Downturn and Financing Innovative Startup Firms." Managerial and Decision Economics 35(2):114-128

    Paik, Yongwook. 2013. "The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 and Entrepreneurial Activity." Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 22 (2):259-280.


    Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Business and Public Policy, Venture Capital, Strategic Management

기업가정신과 혁신형 창업: Entrepreneurship and Innovative Startups(BIT528)

    전략경영: Strategic Management(BIT526)

      벤처기업과 벤처캐피탈: Venture Capital(BIT529)


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